Asking the Right Questions: What You Need to Know Before Purchasing a Franchise

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Purchasing a franchise can be an exciting opportunity to become an entrepreneur and take control of your future. However, it’s also a significant investment that requires thorough research and due diligence.

Asking the right questions upfront is crucial to determine if a specific franchise opportunity is a good fit for your goals, skills, and financial situation. In this article, we’ll explore the key questions you should ask any potential franchisor before signing on the dotted line.

Understanding the Total Investment Cost

One of the first questions you should ask potential franchisors is: What is the total investment cost including all fees and startup expenses?

The initial franchise fee is just one component of the total cost. You also need to factor in things like equipment, inventory, signs, working capital, security deposits, franchise training, grand opening marketing, and other startup expenses.

Get an itemized breakdown of all these costs so you can determine the total upfront investment required. This allows you to realistically assess if the opportunity fits your budget.

Evaluating Franchisor Stability and Experience

Another crucial question is: How long has the franchise been in business and how stable is the company?

You want to partner with an experienced franchisor with a proven track record. Ask how long they’ve been franchising, how many locations currently exist, and what their growth rate has been over the past few years. This helps you gauge the health of the franchise system.

Research the executive leadership team and look for stability in key positions over time.

High turnover could signal problems. Review their financial statements as well to assess the franchisor’s financial strength. The longer they’ve been around and the more locations successfully operating, the lower your risk.

Understanding the Training and Support Provided

Operating a franchise business requires mastering many new skills and systems. That’s why it’s important to ask: What training and ongoing support does the franchisor provide?

Look for an initial training program that fully prepares you to launch and operate the business. Also find out what type of ongoing support the franchisor provides.

Do they help with site selection, marketing plans, operations, product sourcing, and resolving problems that arise? Thorough training and support increases your chances of success with the franchise.

Getting Insights from Existing Franchisees

One of the best sources of information is the franchisor’s existing franchisees. Be sure to ask: Can you contact and speak to existing franchisees?

  • Reputable franchisors will be glad to provide references and connect you with current franchisees.
  • Speak to them about their experience with the initial training, launch support, and ongoing operations.
  • Get their perspective on the pros and cons of the system.
  • Feedback from other franchisees can provide invaluable insights.

Reviewing Recurring Franchise Fees

As a franchise owner, you’ll pay ongoing royalty fees and marketing contributions, so it’s important to ask: What are the recurring royalty fees and marketing obligations?

Royalty fees are usually a monthly percentage of gross sales. Marketing fees go into local, regional, and national marketing programs.

Get the full details on these recurring fees and make sure you’re comfortable with the amounts based on the franchisor’s services and support provided.

Join the R3volution of Entrepreneurs

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With the right opportunity and the right questions, you can thrive as an entrepreneur with R3volution Brands.

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